Physical Evolution provides specialised exercise physiology treatment interventions for DVA patients in the area of chronic disease management, rehabilitation, and complex care needs.

Our DVA Program located in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast can help you with a range of injuries, health conditions and mental challenges that a rise from being a Veteran, or partner of a Veteran.


At Physical Evolution our treatment plans are client specific and generally include a combination of land-based, resistance and aerobic exercise, myofacial release and dietary advice which can all be incorporated into the patients program. Exercise prescription takes into consideration the diagnosis, injury, disease and medication history to restore function in a safe and comfortable environment. 

DVA services at Physical Evolution consist of:

  • Initial exercise physiology consultation

  • Functional assessments

  • Individual exercise sessions

  • Supervised group sessions

How can our DVA Program benefit you?

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Individually designed programs. 

Periodised resistance training to improve and maintain musculoskeletal health, and improve pain, disability, and quality of life. 

Rehabilitation exercises to restore range, strength, and kinetic function.



Exercise can be a valuable component to a comprehensive PTSD treatment plan. 

Low to moderate intensity exercise can elevate mood, reduce stress, and act as an overall stress-buffer.


Chronic Disease Management

Individually designed programs 


Combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise programming specific to the condition at hand to decease symptoms and restore optimal function.

Physical Evolution is registered to provide Exercise Physiology services for those holding a DVA Gold or White Card.

DVA card holders require a GP or Specialist referral to commence Exercise Physiology Services with physical Evolution. Once a referral is obtained, patients can simply contact us to make an appointment.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will cover the entire cost of your consultation, providing you are eligible and have a referral from your General Practitioner.