At Physical Evolution we pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of chronic disease and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Your goals and safety are our number one priority. In order to achieve your goals we believe in a collabrotrive approach having a close referral system with other allied health and alternative therapists (Chiropractor, Naturopath, Occupational Theapy, Feldenkrais, Bowen Therapy) to ensure you make a full return to health and function.

Physical Evolution offers one-on-one, small group, hydrotherapy, home programs and home visits throughout the Gold Coast.

What is an Exercise Physiologist?


An Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) is an allied health professional who specialises in exercise prescription and

rehabilitation using scientific evidence based approaches.

  • Manage chronic disease

  • Rehabilitate chronic pain and injuries

  • Enhance weight loss

  • Improve your health and fitness


A consultation with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist is a well informed starting point for a healthier life by providing education, time management, physical activity and exercise prescription guidance.

Education & Accreditation


All Exercise Physiologists must have a 4 year university degree and extensive practical experience in order to be accredited with their governing body, Exercise and Sports Science Australia. Rebates are available for these services from Medicare, Department of Veterans Affairs, work cover and private health funds.

AEPs create a variety exercise programs that are aimed at improving functional capacity. Programs can be tailored for the gym, fitness centre, swimming pool and even the home.

Conditions Treated at Physical Evolution

Condition Cardiac                               

Condition Musculoskeletal                  

  • Lower Back Pain                                    

  • Osteo/arthritis/porosis                            

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis                              

  • Pre & post-Operative                               

  • Tendinopathy                                          

  • Fibromyalgia                                         


Condition Psychological Disorders     

  • PTSD                                                     

  • Anxiety                                                  

  • Bipolar                                                   

  • Intellectual Disability                               

Exercise for chronic disease
Injury managment


Condition Metabolic

  • Diabetes type 1 & 2                              

  • Cancer                                       

  • Obesity                           

  • Thryoidism

Condition Neuromuscular

  • Parkinsons

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Myasthenia Gravis 

  • Stroke

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Spinal muscular atrophy


Condition Pulmonary

  • Asthma

  • COPD

  • Sleep apnoea

  • Cystic fybrosis

How does it work?

An initial consultation with your exercise physiologist will cater to your specific goals and needs, assessing your health, fitness, posture, biomechanics, lifestyle habits, and medical history. This information will then be used to develop a personalised plan for your specific goals and conditions. Depending on your needs this plan may include seeing your exercise  physiologist weekly to supervise exercise sessions or periodic support to keep you on track and address any concerns.