At Physical evolution we encourage people with a cancer diagnosis to move! Exercise and physical activity assists in prevention, recovery and survival.

Physical Evolution is the leading Exercise for Cancer clinic on the Gold Coast which provides evidence-based, clinical exercise program for people currently living with cancer and cancer survivors. Our program aims to improve the quantity of life in people with cancer by guiding participants through an appropriate set of activities specifically tailored to improve treatment and health outcomes.  The program is prescribed and supervised by Stephen our Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP).


Stephen has vast experience in prescribing programs across a number of exercise modalities to individualise exercise prescription to a patients needs utilising home-based programs, hydrotherapy-based programs, gym-based programs and group exercise programs.

Exercise prescriptions for cancer patients needs to be highly individualised as no experience is ever the same between cancer patients.

While you’re undergoing treatment for cancer, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind. The combination of medication, along with other treatments and bed rest can lead to loss of strength, a sense of fatigue and a reduced quality of life, this can sometimes make it difficult to find the energy or motivation to be physically active.

Exercise has also been shown to improve some of the side effects of cancer treatment. Exercise physiology can help you to find ways to manage fatigue, rebuild strength and endurance, improve or maintain bone density, manage your weight, increase mobility after surgery and improve balance.

Physical therapy on leg

Benefits of Exercise for Cancer?

  • Improved energy levels

  • Reduction in treatment side effects (such as pain and nausea)

  • Decreased hospitalisation time


  • Increase in muscle strength and flexibility

  • Better immune function


  • Enhanced mood and self-esteem