Exercise is a great medicine for back pain. People tend to associate back pain with exercise, but when done in a controlled, progressive manner, exercises for relieving back pain have many benefits, including:

  • Strengthening the muscles that support the spine, removing pressure from the spinal discs and facet joints

  • Alleviating stiffness and improving mobility


  • Improving circulation to better distribute nutrients through the body, including to the spinal discs


  • Releasing endorphins, which can naturally relieve pain. A frequent release of endorphins can help reduce reliance on

pain medication. Endorphins can also elevate mood and relieve depressive symptoms, a common effect of chronic pain.


  • Minimising the frequency of back or neck pain episodes, and reducing the severity of pain when it does occur


Physical Evolution is one of a few clinics on the Gold Coast which utilise MedX equipment for back rehabilitation which is strongly recognised as the Gold Standard for treating and reducing chronic back pain and dysfunction through specific spinal strengthening. Numerous studies have shown that specific spinal strengthening exercises using the MedX Lumbar, Abdominal, Torso Rotation and Cervical Extension machines help people improve function and reduce pain, even after multiple failed attempts at other forms of therapy. The MedX Lumbar and Cervical Extension Machines have been clinically proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of chronic back and neck pain.