I have had a passion for sport and exercise from a young age. From playing soccer up in the sugar fields of Far North Queensland to following in my brothers footsteps playing basketball. This passion allowed me to explore my potential in basketball, my achievements consisting of representing the state and national teams at a junior level in Australia, an American college basketball scholarship, as well as semi-professional and professional contracts throughout Australia and Spain.

Along this journey, I, unfortunately, suffered numerous injuries (ankle, knee, lower back, shoulder) in which I spent along time on the sideline rehabilitating my injuries. My experience through theses injuries gave me a good insight into the rehabilitation process, and this is what drives me now to ensure the correct process with injury management is done right the first time. My injuries could have been prevented

by not just managing the injury, but by finding the cause of the injury, and supporting the structure of the body as a whole. This holistic approach when working through rehabilitation process and is now my primary focus.

Naturally, after basketball, I wanted to stay in the health industry. I undertook my University studies in Exercise Physiology as a mature age student and have been in the field for over 5 years working in health centers and private rehabilitation clinics both overseas and in Australia.

The scope of my experience includes a high level of scientific knowledge from healthy to high risk individuals. This includes rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries, chronic disease and complex care needs, analysis of scientific testing, as well as sports performance and development. I have worked with some of the most advanced technology in my field including DEXA body composition/bone mineral density testing, resting metabolic rate, Vo2 testing, shock wave therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers.

I am excited now to be working on the Gold Coast with MedX equipment which will fast track my clients rehabilitation process and enhance the level of my exercise prescription.